For the World That Was and That Is to Come

by Auspicium

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released March 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Auspicium South Portland, Maine

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Track Name: For All Who Seek These Waves
There are places in this world that I want to visit alone. There are places in the world I won’t share. There are places in my mind that belong to me alone and I’ll show them to no one of my accord. But there are places I have that I give of freely, because I need to vacate that place. And I will give them to you all and you alone as you’ve been to them all before. Criticism is for those who don’t create; who lack the need to purge. But we understand, we bleed the same blood. And we create for ourselves, but hold nothing back.
Track Name: Judgement
We are all complicit in this crime. A crime for which there is only one punishment. A crime so heinous, so foul, so odious, so vile. We watched as her temple was defiled; we laughed as the tears fell down her face. We are all guilty in this crime for we never stood up for what was right. We shrugged as she shivered in the cold, blood pouring from her throat, garbage flowing from her womb. And as we are judged guilty, we will be sentenced duly, for our punishment will fit the crime. Our punishment is to go on; to live in this world we hath made. Pleading, begging, praying for death. Anything to escape, escape what we’ve made.
Track Name: Reclamation
Behold, the judgment of nature. Observe the silence of the judged. Pathetic human nature, to never grasp the game until the final die is cast. I’ll always side with nature; the side of the open world. Against these worthless men, and their worthless gods. Against their monetary dogma, against their so-called superiority.
Let their bodies bob in the waves, let their throats open crimson tides.
Track Name: Justice
Sadist is just a synonym for human. Rapist is just another word for us. Murderer can fit the bill as well. Psychotic squatters with uncontroled entitlement. This world is not what we make it; The world is not defined by how we rape it. Repeat the lies your fathers told you about our place at the top. Why search for the devil when you can look in the mirror? Why try to shed the blame? You showed no remorse of your crime. Where lights shone out as a guide, you erased them in your wake. What god would care for a destructive race? What god would even waste his time? You are the children of sludge. You are the children of flotsam. Despicable in your disposal, unyielding in your perceived unlinearity. There are consequences to your actions, and there will be a price to pay. Justice will be served to appease the victims: Total eradication of your wicked race. Bliss is not ignorance. Control is not superiority. Just because we are the ones who rule here does not mean we are the owners. One glorious fucking day this planet will get its revenge. It will break all human bonds, It will tear us from our gods. The skies will unleash hail and wind. Rivers of fire will flow. And fissures will swallow cities whole. The mountains will rain boulders upon the roads. And the oceans will rise in majestic waves and all of our mistakes will be washed away. Then she can heal her other children. Comfort them, tell them the monsters are all gone…
Track Name: A Basilica of Black Stars
One day we will all die, of this much we are sure. What happens after is the mystery…When we cease, some people say there will be sadness. Others, a state of unimaginable grace. Will there be fire or will there be frost? Will all we’ve achieved be lost? A noose eternal, longing for a neck? An unending silent emptiness? Some people say there will be sadness. Others, a state of unimaginable grace. I’m sure there will be unending nothingness, but I hold out hope, just in case we meet again in a Basilica of Black Stars, beholding the entire Universe. Staring down at the world we tried to save. Forgetting we were part of that same failed human race.